Website Design and Development


Design & Development

Your Website Being Redesigned

Is your web site out of date? Hard to maintain? Need a facelift?

Whether you need a nice basic website or a full service site with a database back-end, integrated Web 2.0, and top-notch graphic design, we can help you. We will design it, build it, and host it for free for three months (optional). A basic 5-page web site costs about $500 and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

You can take a look at some of our past web design projects on our portfolio page.

Contact us at or (540) 645-6910 for more details and a free estimate.

Usability Analysis

Making Your Website Friendly To Your Visitors

Good web site design is more than just making it pretty. You have only 7 seconds to capture your audience's interest. A confusing site with tiny fonts, unclear navigation, and no clear call to action is not going to engage your customers.

Avarra’s usability experts have many years of experience and will perform a usability analysis of your web site's user interface. We'll help you find out why your web site doesn’t convert lookers to buyers.

Prices vary, based on the scope of your site. The analysis includes specific actionable guidelines for quickly improving your site’s usability. Usability Analysis is included in all of our web site redesign projects.

Search Analysis

Is your web site getting results? Is it working hard to get more sales for your business? Our experienced analysts will perform a search engine optimization analysis on your web site. A basic analysis starts at just $97 and comes with a comprehensive checklist with specific actionable steps to improve your site’s usability and findability.

Search Engine Optimization is automatically included in all of our web site design and development projects.