About Avarra Solutions

We help offline organizations using online technologies. Our online community site, Grouvia.com, is now in beta, and should be widely available later this year.

E-Marketing for Small Business is our premier training and consulting program for helping small businesses with their Internet marketing programs.

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Our Core Values

  • Build Products That are Easy To Learn
  • Make them Economical for our Customers
  • Focus 100% on Customers' Needs

Our Philosophy

We believe strongly in some very basic tenets.

  • Everything we do is driven by our core values (see above).
  • We practice complete transparency in our business. We want our users to have a say in what we do, because we do it for you.
  • We give back. We each contribute to our communities in some way, and a portion of our company profits is donated to relevant charitable organizations.

Community and Local Organization Memberships

Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce National Association of Professional Women

About Contacting Us

The company e-mail address is listed at the bottom of every page of this web site.

We read and respond to ALL of our e-mail, five days a week. We report all spam and junk mail. We do not subscribe to those anti-spambot tools for our email because we know how annoying they are to most people who just simply want to connect with us.

E-mail is absolutely the preferred way to contact us. You will probably get a much faster response if you simply e-mail us. If you want to speak with someone, e-mail us and tell us you want to speak with someone and include your phone number.

Please do not call us trying to sell us your services. You may of course send us an e-mail to introduce your company and your products and services if you feel fairly confident they are relevant to us. You might consider explaining *why* you feel they are relevant. If your e-mail message smells even faintly of spam, you will be reported. We apologize if you are legit and we do this to you, next time try harder to convince us you really want to help us and provide real value to our business.

Thank you for your understanding.